Java Threads meaning


You started your ‘Hello World’ Java application and Visual VM … what are all those threads???

  • main: the application you started with the main method
  • Signal Dispatcher: it handles the signals sent from the OS to the JVM
  • Attach Listener: it allows external process to start a thread in the JVM and send back information to the external process
  • Finalizer: pull object from the finalization queue and call the finalization method (it is created by
  • Reference Handler: it manages the reference queue (v.
  • RMI TCP Accept-0, RMI TCP Connection …, RMI Scheduler, RMI Reaper: it handles the access to remote objects
  • JMX server connection: it allows the connections of JMX modules. It is created by com.sun.jmx.remote.internal.ServerCommunicationAdmin
  • DestroyJavaVM: the application is shutting down, wait for all non-daemon threads to end, then destroy the VM. It’s called in the java.c file
  • GC Daemon:Garbage collection thread

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